VideoBomb: A WebAR platform that turns any flat brand interaction into a rich Augmented Reality Experience
Product Designer
January 2022 - May 2022

Project Summary

This project involved building the B2B aspect of VideoBomb's WebAR platform, enabling businesses to seamlessly integrate immersive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. By combining the depth of AR with the real-time engagement of social media, we've empowered brands to embed online content into offline interactions, facilitating informed consumer decision-making. This enhanced platform offers businesses a straightforward, code-free solution for delivering compelling digital experiences to their clientele.

Chad Marcum
Founder / CEO at VideoBomb
"Nadine was on the UX design team that worked with VideoBomb to create our newest product iteration. Her work was outstanding and went above and beyond our expectations. If you have the opportunity to work with her and the others at Milkinside, I recommend it."
Mike Kneeland
Founder / CEO at VideoBomb
"Nadine was part of the Milkinside UX design team that redesigned our platform, top to bottom. She was an integral part of the overall UX design and was quite knowledgeable with regards to designing for the end user. Above all else, her flexibility, prompt communication, execution, and positive attitude have me recommending her to any similar UX project opportunity."


To the right you'll find a prototype walkthrough of the mobile B2C application. This allows consumers to bring images to life through AR.

Below you will find a prototype walkthrough for the desktop B2B web app that allows businesses to sign up for and implement this service, creating a new digital experience for their clientele.



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