An Intuitive TV Based Shopping Experience
Product Designer
November 2021

Project Summary

In a thrilling last minute opportunity with Google Shopping, our team of four united to craft a groundbreaking user experience, envisioning the next five years of digital retail. As birthdays and holidays approach, the joy of gifting can sometimes transform into a daunting task. Drawing from our firsthand experience as designers burning the midnight oil over the Thanksgiving weekend, we intimately understood the holiday pressures. Determined to alleviate this stress, we endeavoured to design an intuitive algorithm that simplifies gift choices for loved ones while prioritizing privacy. Our intensive sprint spanned four days, culminating in a visually stunning product that we proudly pitched just three days after its completion.

The Problem

  1. When shopping, users are unsure of how products will fulfill their unique and personal needs.
    Will this Plant Moisture Gauge actually help keep my Golden Barrel Cactus healthy?

  2. Online shopping means reading tens, sometimes hundreds, of reviews from people we don't know.
    If only I could easily pick out which Moisture Gauge my friend July uses and recommended to me

  3. When purchasing gifts for others, users must decide between playing the gift-buying guessing game and asking their loved ones for gift lists, ruining the magic of surprise.
    I wish I could be told what Gerald might want for his birthday without asking him outright and ruining the surprise

Project Goals

  • To harness intuitive technology and data sharing to craft a seamless and confident gift-buying journey for both you and your loved ones.

  • To elevate the at-home shopping experience with a touch of enchantment.

  • To empower you to shop effortlessly, without lifting a finger.

Our Solution

  1. Personalization: Presenting products in a way that are unique to the user. For example, the Google platform knows that Susan must be looking for a moisture gauge for her Golden Barrel Cactus given her particular search and purchase history and can offer her personalized insights.

  2. Social Proof: Users are more likely to purchase products endorsed by trusted individuals in their personal circles. Therefore, we have highlighted products with endorsements from the user's closest connections. We've also added YouTube reviews to product pages from our user's favourite creators. In other words, we've empowered users with opinions they trust.

  3. Shared Data: Give users the ability to share data with family and friends to ease their loved-ones' anxieties around gift-buying.

  4. Voice Activated: Allow users to sit back and relax with AI speech-based shopping, providing a moment of delight.



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